1 Million Nook Tablet Shipments Attain by B&N

When it comes to  economical tablets, there are really two that outshine most, the Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet. However, we should not stick only with their mere offertory prices, rather to their features and usability as well.

It’s undeniably fact that Kindle Fire has received a massive success over the weeks it has been first placed on the market. From this, speculations have formed unto what will be the stand of the last month’s released-tab, the Nook Tablet- would it beat Kindle or not? But recent reports stated that Nook Tablet sales are getting better. In fact, according to Digtimes, shipments of this tablet so far have reached 1 million units.

According to the same source, the order for Nook Tab is supposedly 800 thousand, but due to increase market sales, B&N boosts some added units unexpectedly. The 7-inch eReader is currently on its way up to high deals. Let’s see if this would continue until next year.

via tabletnews

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Written by: Björn A.