$100 Dollar Netbook Shows Up in China – Wabook

Another day, another cheap netbook spotted in the streets of Shenzhen, China. This time the netbook is called the Wabook. What makes this netbook interesting is the fact that you can get it for only $100.

Yes, that cheap. But of course, don’t expect too much flare when it comes to the Wabook’s specs and features. In fact, it could only muster a mobile operating system such as the Windows CE 6.0, but  it can handle the Android OS pretty well.

Other features of the Wabook include – 300MHz ARM-based VIA 8505 chipset, 10-inch  1024×600 display, 128MB of AM, 1GB flash storage, microSD card slot, 3USB ports, 3.55mm headphone jack and 1800mAH battery pack.

via Cloned in China

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