13 GPS Navigation Software to Use on your Netbook

If you want to turn your netbooks into a GPS navigation device, Laptopgpsworld has compiled a list of 13 GPS Navigation software that you can  use.  All PC GPS software were reviewed by laptopgpsworld and tested to run on regular notebooks, netbooks and UMPC.

The PC GPS Software:

  • ALK CoPilot / TravRoute CoPilot
  • DeLorme Streets Atlas
  • Destinator
  • Garmin Mobile PC
  • Garmin nRoute
  • iNav iGuidance
  • MapAsia MapKing
  • Mapfactor PC Navigator / Directions PC Navigator
  • Microsoft AutoRoute
  • Microsoft Streets and Trips
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Navigon NavigatoR
  • Sygic Driver

You can read about this PC GPS Software over at laptopgpsworld

Thanks Marvin!

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Written by: Björn A.

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