9-cell battery for Acer aspire one

9-cell battery for Acer aspire one

Tired of only getting 3h of battery life on your Aspire One? Amazon.com have a 9-cell 6600mAh battery that could last up to 9:40 hours!!

As you can see on the picture it is really big and ugly, but looks Isn’t everything.

According to Amazon.com the battery could last up to a whopping 9 hours and 40 minutes when under minimum load and WI-FI off, so I guess that in real life this means around 6h.

The price is almost as big as the battery, $144.99 Now only $118.97.

Any readers who have tried this battery? Please leave a comment.

Read more about this 9-cell 6600mAh battery at Amazon.com.

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  • Jim

    I brought this battery from the Amazon seller dbmstore. Now the price has gone down a bit to $129.99. The battery was shipped from Oregon and they ship really fast. I got it 3 days after I placed my order. The battery life is very good. It’s about 6-7 hours with WIFI on. The weight of the battery is about 16oz, which is ok compare to the long battery life that I got. With my original Aspire one 3-cell battery and this 9-cell battery, my one can lasts almost whole day without charge. Money well spends for me. If you want a long battery life, this is the battery you want to get.

    I also brought another 6-cell battery from the same seller for my sister’s Aspire one. The battery life is about 4-5 hours with WIFI on. But it’s smaller and lighter, only 10oz. My sister loves it. So if you are concern about the size and weight, this 6-cell Aspire one battery is a good choice for you.

  • glegra

    I bought a 9-cell a week ago on ebay for 80.00 incl. ship and with a 10% discount. it looks nothing like the one pictured on this website. I got the choice of blue white and went with the blue, kind of think that the white would be a nice contrast, looking back. It was purchased on ebay from someone in the Netherlands. Anyways, after the power cycle, it was recharged to 8hrs. It’s a great investment. If you do the math, an acer aspire one zg5 is 350.00, 120 gb hdd, 1gb ram, wireless, web cam, w/3-cell battery. An acer aspire one zg5 is 398.00 for 160 gb hdd, 1gb ram, wireless, web cam, w/ 6-cell battery. So my extra 30.00 for a 9-cell battery is definitely a bargain.

  • http://gadgetboy.org gadgetboy

    Like glegra, I bought my 9-cell battery on eBay from GPSforLess in the UK. It’s bulky, but nowhere near as ugly as the one in your photo:


    Even with international shipping costs, it was under $100 USD. So far, I’m getting nearly 8 hours of battery life during regular use. It’s been worth every penny.

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  • PIKL

    Thanks to you both ive ordered my 9 cell on Ebay as well. Now i can be powered up for long haul flights. Thanks for the tip!!

  • http://www.rdahosting.net/ George

    I have an acer aspire one and its great. I think that it is smaller than the Asus eee pc and the one HP made, so I got my acer aspire one yesterday with the normal battery, when I feel that I need more battery time, I will for sure buy the 9-cell battery! And I’m sure after Christmas or during Christmas, they will have a sale to get the battery even cheaper! xD

    - George

  • http://www.shop-ideas.com Acer Laptop Computer

    I have Aspire version (AOA150-1359) but I reali would like a little bigger monitor with same specifications. So I have just shop for the 10.1 inch acer aspire one. Amazon just reports it’s already available. What I don’t like with my 8.9 acer computer laptop – very easy to scratch the cover if you use it like me to put it in my glovebox. There are many shop ideas like neoprene sleeve or some soft case. I also recommend buy a 9 cell battery.

  • George

    I found a 9 cell 7200mah battery on gogo-power.com for $68 shipped. It lasta about 7 hours. Well worth it. Now I can enjoy this computer.Also, the raised back it creates help ventilate the bottom of the computer. It helps in two ways!!!!

  • Dave

    I bought mine here – http://www.ok-shopping.co.uk/7800mAh,AspireOneAOA110,battery.html
    Free shipping worldwide (I ive in NZ) was the big appeal, as well as having a black option, and a full 7800 mAh rating

  • Pss

    Have any one a comment when you need to transport the pc around to cover it against scraths with a 9 cell battery pluged on?

  • johnmonk

    I ordered one of these off ebay for $54, shipping included. I recieved it 3 days later, it lasts a good 6 to 8 hours depending on wifi and usage.
    Ebay also had a 1 gig upgrade for $22
    Now I have an acer aspireone with 1.5 gig ram, 160gb hd and 8 hours battery life and it all costs a total of $280
    Not a bad deal

    I suggest you guys check out ‘virtual drive’, copy a cd once and run the program without having to carry a cd drive.
    New tech is cool

  • johnmonk

    oh, forgot to add.
    by using the 9 cell battery, it adds just enough lift to the back of theunit to make typing more comfortable. it also functions as a carry handle.

  • johnmonk

    to those who worry about scratches, go to invisibleshield.com, you can buy the shield to cover the top, wrist area and the touchpad for about$35 bucks. I use the invisible shiled on myipods. phones and once on a powerbook, it is a great way to protect from scratches.

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    9-cell Acer aspire one battery 7200mAh at http://www.all-batteries.co.uk/notebook-batteries/acer-aspire-one.htm
    Brand-new replacement battery which is 100% compatible with Acer OEM part numbers Aspire One series

  • http://www.meditationstation.info Craig

    Has anyone tried the USB CD/DVD drive for the Acer One D150? Saw it on eBay and it looks interesting.

  • johnmonk

    Have not used that exact drive, but I use a very similiar looking slot loading blu ray drive with the acer and it works fine

  • David

    I bought that drive as part of an accessory package including a wireless mouse. Works just fine. To power it it does use 2 usb ports though so keep that in mind.

  • http://www.diggingshop.com betty

    6-cell acer aspire one battery?i buy a battery from diggingshop.com.The 6-cell acer aspire one battery provides up to 4-6 hours of battery life.ONly pay for $59.9
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  • jakonthestak

    the aspire one is down to 249 with the 9 hour battery as standard :D

  • http://www.bryanagoncillo.com Bryan Agoncillo

    The Acer Aspire One is a great machine, but my only worries is that the keys are just a little too small for my comfort, the kit battery that came with it, the 3 cell battery is enough to last me a trip to work which works well for me. But if the business that I am working on, I am sure there would come a time that I would a 9 cell battery for the long haul.

  • jake the snake

    has anyone test the 12 cell batterys on ebay yet?

    i just bought 2 of them for my 30hr flight from UK to Australia hopefully it should be enough…. ill mainly be watching videos, no wifi i wonder if it will be enough…

  • http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.co.uk Toniwu

    What I don’t like with my 8.9 acer computer laptop – very easy to scratch the cover if you use it like me to put it in my glovebox.

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  • http://www.hootoo.com laptop

    That is no news, the said 9 hours requires you doing nothing, otherwise I doubt if it can surve 4 hours of use, huh?

  • http://software.o-o.ro Andrew

    I got one of these on my Aspire 751h (250HDD, 2GB RAM). I have win 7 running on it and with wifi on and light browsing and typing it reports a life of 10 hours easy. This is from both the default windows battry meter and a 3rd party one I have. Not sure if it actually is 10 hours but at least 8 for sure(wifi on, power saver and min brightness).


  • Janiliewa

    Wow,it looks great!My Apsire one battery only last 3 hours and I have to charge it again.I was excited when I saw this long run-time battery on Amazon.It’s really a good news for us.Another question is:How long does this Aspire One battery last? — http://www.atlaptopbattery.co.uk/acer-aspire-one-series-battery.html .They say the battery has a capacity of 7200mAh.Any answer would be appreciated.

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    .it works very good!

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    I bought this acer aspire one laptop battery just because it's a decent deal in the first place. After using for almost 3 months, it is actually my main laptop and mobile reader. It is much lighter than my lappy Toshiba 15-inch, around £ 2.2 with 3 cell battery and about 2.8 pounds with 6 cell battery.

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    Using this high quality 9-cell battery, Acer Aspire One laptop could last up a whopping 12 hours and 10 minutes when under minimum load and WI-FI off (individual result may vary). You can have a full working day without the need to plug in for charge.

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  • Fanni127

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  • cozmiuk

    I don't like the way this 9 cell battery sticks out, and it makes the netbook significantly heavier. This is a common problem among batteries producers, my Thinkpad's 6 cell battery also sticks out noticeably, so I guess this is the price you have to pay for the extra “juice”

  • Tom

    I have both an acer and a dell..both take 9 cell batteries for extended run time. I got my replacement Dell 9 Cell Batteries at http://www.9cellbattery.com/index.php/dell-9-ce…

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  • margie

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  • Xtianalcaraz

    do you have a color white for my acer aspire one 532h? do you ship in riyadh ksa?

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  • Samuel

    Ha! My Eee PC has a 6-cell battery and it can run for 12 hours!!!!

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