A Microscopic Comparison Between Apple’s New iPad and iPad 2

The main selling point of the new iPad is its Retina Display. According to Apple, the screen has four times the number of pixels on its predecessor, the iPad 2.

Some, however, are not contented with taking Apple’s word for it, especially in light of a recent lawsuit. A user of the iPhone 4S from the United States maintains that Siri, the voice assistant on the smartphone, doesn’t deliver to the expectations that Apple set up in its advertisement for it. Thus, some have become skeptical with Apple’s claims.

Lukas Mathias, a user interface designer, for one, felt that he wanted to make sure that the screen indeed quadruples the iPad 2’s number of pixels.

Using his digital microscope, he took a look at the new iPad screen as well as the iPad 2 screen and magnified them 80 times. In his shots, it is clear that the new iPad screen has four pixels in the same amount of space occupied by one pixel in the iPad 2 display.

At 2048 x 1536, the iPad’s Retina Display is the most densely-packed tablet screen in terms of pixels available today. Other densely-packed screens include that found on the iPhone 4S and the Xperia Play. However, these devices have small screen sizes.

via slashgear

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