Acer Aspire Ultrabook with Intel’s Ivy Bridge on 2012?

There are lots of redesigned laptops created in compensation with the demands of tech advancement. As a result, a vast number of mobile PC companies are aspiring to reinvent their slates just like with the Acer that aims to slightly spruce up their very own Aspire Ultrabook slate.

According to one of the Acer’s Middle East country managers Grigory Nizovsky on a press, the Acer Ultrabook will going to launch a “new platform from Intel” early next year. Also he said that Acer is planning to release the second generation of Aspire S3 next year and anticipated to double its market sales. The statement given somehow is vague since there is no promising date and sort of what specification of Intel will be incorporated with the new-planned lightweight laptop. It’s just that after the Sandy Bridge might boom the latest Ivy Bridge processor that is estimated to appear on the third quarter of 2012.

via ultrabooknews

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Written by: Björn A.