Acer Has No Plans to Quit the Tablet PC

Stan Shih, Acer founder, expects its tablet business to stay. In response to the rumor that the company will withdraw from the tablet PC and smartphone markets, Shih said that although Acer’s tablet operation has not performed well, it is not time to give up the business. As per Digitimes‘ interview with Shih, “experiencing frustration is an unavoidable the process, just like Acer’s encountering troubles when it entered the notebook market.” 

Acer’s board of directors has discussed the company’s product development and streamlining its corporate organization, and has consented to strategies of simplifying operational goals through focusing on profitable products, Shih indicated.

Shih further explained that a simplified organization is expected to increase operation efficiency, reduce conflicts in product development and consolidate resources for developing niche and competitive products. This is considering the much overlapped development of tablet PC and smartphones.

Acer has clarified the rumor by stating that Acer has no plans to quit the tablet PC and smartphone business operations or downsize related personnel. The company will, on the other hand, make optimal adjustments to decrease the number of product models for selective and strategic input of operational resources. If this strategy turns out to be a success, Acer may even expand tablet PC and smartphone business operations.



Source:   Electronista, Digitimes

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Written by: Björn A.