While previous models of the Acer Aspire One have been renamed, or rather renumbered to represent the model number, such as AOD150, AOD250, etc and more recently the D255, Acer are now to release the “Happy” netbook. Essentially it will be the same as the recently released Acer Aspire One D255, which means it’ll come packed with Intel’s Dual Core Atom processor.

What is different however, is the design of the netbook. The keyboard and bezel will be white in color, where as the lid and palm rest will come in a variety of bright colors. It’s not known how many colors the netbook will come in yet but, if it wants to make consumers happy, presumably the popular colors will be included. For now, we just have photos of the green model, which you can view below.

Hopefully we should see the netbook released soon but, it’s not known which markets Acer will release it to. Likewise, pricing information also isn’t known yet.


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