Acer to Release Aspire M3 Ultrabook on NVIDIA GeForce GT640M Graphics

The new Aspire Timeline M3 ultrabook will be available from Acer worldwide starting the end of March. Running on Intel’s Core i-series CPU and featuring a lightweight design, the Acer Aspire Timeline M3 is a true Ultrabook. Acer, however, takes a step further than other manufacturers of Intel-powered notebooks and offers a 15-inch display and discrete graphics.

According to NVIDIA, this is the first notebook to carry their new graphics processor. Called NVIDIA GeForce GT640M graphics, this is based on the much-anticipated 28-nm Kepler architecture. This will enable the user to play games on the device while still conserving enough power to run for eight hours.

The Ultrabook also offers automatic graphics switching via NVIDIA Optimus technology. This means that users don’t need to reboot or to even send a command to change modes from integrated Intel graphics to NVIDIA discrete graphics. This technology detects when the computer requires high-performance graphics for a task and when it needs the regular integrated graphics which save energy.

Two models of the Aspire Timeline M3 Ultrabook are expected to be released. One will have a Solid State Disk, and another will have an hybrid storage with an SSD plus a regular large-capacity hard drive.

via liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.