Amazon’s Kindle Fire Plan to Offer in UK on 2012

Amazon has built its name in the eBook Reader industry for years. In fact, its previously released Kindle Fire just received a huge success over the past few weeks it’s been placed in the U.S. Market. Kindle Fire which referred as more than a typical tablet offers outstanding entertainment value over its techno-simplicity at a rational price of $199.

Apparently, reports are circulating about the distribution plan for Amazon’s Kindle Fire in other country’s retail stores. Good news for Kindle subscribers who lived in UK since today’s news revealed the upcoming release of Kindle Fire on January 2012 in UK.

Though this 7-inch tab lacks 3G wireless, built-in cameras, microphone as well as the GPS and location services, in terms of specs the Kindle Fire still boasts impressive features that enable users for easy storing and utilizing of digital eBooks, magazines, music and videos of their choice. Along with its Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS also comes the Android app store that includes most of must-have applications such as Pandora, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

As for now, Kindle Fire is still readying for final cue regarding the exact date and price before its final set for UK Market.

via goodereader

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Written by: Björn A.