Amazon 6″ Kindles, Not Gonna Happen

We’ve run a story here that Amazon is launching a 6″ Kindle refresh and we are sad to inform you that the rumors are inaccurate. Strong sources indicate that the color Kindle is entirely fiction.


Here are the reasons why the 6″ colored Kindle will never happen soon: Amazon shall need a new production line, and it is not done yet and it would take a full year to set  that line up. The E-ink technology was already in the market, but it was not until last summer that the screen hit China. And this was the 9″ screen not the 6″. Similar device has recently started shipping in the US and Russia: the Ectaco Jetbook Color.

Also, Amazon is known for making quality products and the screen of this E-ink is not of high quality, it’s actually very low. Reviews report pale colors and greyscale.

Source: Netbooknews

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Written by: Björn A.