Amazon Kindle Fire To Offer in Brazil Soon

Brazilians will soon be able to enjoy the new Kindle Touch eReader from Amazon. The American company is planning to offer the product in the country after it wraps up negotiations as early as March or April 2012. Come July 2012, the device could go on sale at only R$199 or around USD115.

This new offering of The Kindle Touch eReader, considered to be Amazon’s the flagship product, could possibly undermine local retailers as competing devices cost around three times more, making the Kindle Touch eReader a really cheap buy.

Among the devices that could be affected are the Sony Reader Digital Book and e-readers from the Brazilian company Positivo Alfa. Positivo Alfa’s e-reader costs R$799 or US$466. Apart from the eReader market, Amazon seems bent on capturing the eBook market.

Currently, around 11,000 eBooks written in Portuguese are available in Brazil. 7,300 of these are available from the eBook store Gato Sabido, and another 6,000 titles can be purchased from Saraiva.

Amazon, meanwhile, sells around 3,800 titles on the American website today. However, they are expected to launch around 20,000 new eBooks for the Portuguese-speaking market.

Moreover, the availability of a relatively inexpensive eReader could prompt more publishers to release titles in Brazil’s native tongue.

Amazon is also planning on opening a physical store in Brazil, which could encourage more to buy the eReaders and the eBooks.

via goodereader

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Written by: Björn A.