Amazon to Bring OLPC XO Netbook’s G1G1 Promo

PC World is reporting that Amazon will bring back its Give One Bring One promo for OLPC’s XO netbook this coming November and will run until end of December, just in time for the Christmas shopping rush most probably. Actually, said promo was announced as early as June 2008 but it is only now that Amazon is finally launching the promotional gig for the said netbook, possibly to shoot up its sales figures.

Once launched, the promo will run only for the United States customers. Although there is a possibility that it will also rolled out for customers residing in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

If Amazon makes this official, we’re pretty sure that others even non-netbook fanatics would be interested to avail of the promo if only for the sheer good purpose that it aims to fulfill – that is to provide kids from underdeveloped areas an XO laptop of their own. 

Hopefully, should Amazon push through with this promo, that they would make this as a global campaign. And finally, this could be the start of the fullfilment of the OLPC’s cause.


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Written by: Björn A.