AMD Enters The Ultrabook Fray

AMD is throwing itself in the Ultrabook race in January of 2012 with their own Ultrathin device. In an interview, AMD mentioned that they had  discussions with a laptop manufacturers about the untlrathin form factor, one of which is particularly advanced. Lenovo already came out with S205, a thin netbook running AMD Fusion. The question is what would be the CPU that these ultrathins be armed with.

According to Ultrabook News:

AMD were planning a new platform called ‘Deccan’ which would have delivered 2 or 4-core Wichita CPUs in a TDP of 20W but that appears to have been shelved now with 40nm Brazos 2.0 comprising updated Zacate APU with HD7000 Series graphics now taking its place in Q1 2012…

AMD could not call these devices as Ultrabooks since Intel created the term. AMD would gladly take advantage of the innovations Intel came up with in the Ultrabook category.

Source: Netbooknews / Ultrabook News

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Written by: Björn A.