AMD Responds to Intel’s Ultrabooks with Its Prototype

Most of the top PC makers have already entered the ultrabook bandwagon, using the latest Intel processors, quick boot technology as well as other newfangled features on their devices. While Intel has trademarked the word “ultrabook” it certainly doesn’t have the monopoly on ultraportable laptops.

However, chip maker, AMD, believes that computer makers would consider slapping in some of its latest chips to thin and light laptops in the coming year. In fact, they just showed a notebook computer prototype that measures 0.7 inches thick. It runs on a low voltage AMD Trinity multi-core processor, which will have a TDP of 25 Watts or less.

The particular model was produced by Taiwanese manufacturer Compal and will probably never actually make it to market. However, this just shows what ultrathin notebooks from AMD could look like.

The only difference is that AMD thinks that PC makers could sell notebooks like this for $500 and up, while ultrabooks might still sell for $900 or more.

via liliputing

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Written by: Björn A.