Android 4.0-based CyanogenMod 9 Build on the NOOK Tablet

While the HP TouchPad has been getting attention for its ability to run an unofficial build of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, rumors are circulating that the same could now also be done on the NOOK tablet.

The NOOK tablet comes with a customized version of Google Android that is specialized for the target audience of Barnes & Noble. It is mainly used for reading books, browsing websites, and running apps offered by Barnes & Noble.

The NOOK tablet by Barnes & Noble is capable of running CyanogenMod 9 according to photos posted by Developer Brandon Bennett (Nemith). CyanogenMod 9 is a replacement firmware for tablets and other gadgets based on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Since the NOOK tablet came out in November 2011, hackers have been trying to install third-party apps into the device. This task, however, had been difficult because of the secure bootloader installed by Barnes & Noble that makes loading custom ROMs not easy.

There is, however, as developers have discovered, a way around the secure bootloader. Using CyanogenMod 9 running on a microSD, users can boot from that card and run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That way, users can still keep the original software from Barnes & Noble while enjoying Android.

via liliputing

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