Android 4.0 Running on AMD Chipset

Gallery Photo: MSI WindPad 110W running Android 4.0 hands-on pictures

Back at the CES 2012, AMD’s suite at CES 2012 featured an AMD Fusion tablet with Android 4.0 as its OS. Do not be overexcited, AMD was quick to point out that the MSI WindPad 110W did not get the ICS on its own. The Android-x86 project is the culprit behind the OS being ran on an AMD Brazos-based tablets like the one above.

The good news is that if you have the tablet  you can download the ROM yourself and start installing your way. However, AMD does not officialy support such endeavor and it is not expected that all AMD devices could run Android in the future. The bigger news is that the Android-x86 project is supported by the AMD to the point that the company donated some development boards last April. As of October the AMD “Persimmon” platform of embedded processors are the target for a new code.

Android 4.0 is not perfect running on AMD chips. It did run and play some game but the tablet freezes every now and then.


Source: The Verge


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Written by: Björn A.