Apple Forces Pegatron to End ASUS Zenbooks Production

Apple has finally succeeded in pressuring Pegatron to stop producing ASUS Zenbooks. Pegatron, which is currently the manufacturer of mobile PCs for both Apple and ASUS, will stop producing ASUS Zenbooks when its contract ends in March, which means that ASUS needs to find a new supplier when this happens.

Apple’s claim is that the unibody construction of the ASUS products is too similar with that of the MacBook Air. The company, thus decided to issue an ultimatum to stop future production of the unibody design.

Pegatron’s choice is understandable, given that the company is also the manufacturer of iPhones since 2011, and is expecting to land a contract for future iPad models.

For its part, ASUS is expected to go to Compal Electronics or Wistron if it decides to stick with the unibody design.

Over the last few months, Apple had been asserting its exclusive rights over certain design elements, battling it out in court with companies like Samsung. To date, there is no word as to whether Apple will file a case against Pegatron or ASUS, but given their current amount of lawsuits in various international courts, it won’t be a surprise if it comes to this.

via softpedia

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