Apple iPad 2 Dominated Over the Samsung and LG Tabs in Korea


Despite the fact that South Korea is a home to two electronics giants, Samsung and LG, the American company Apple was able to outsell these two with the iPad 2. Because of this, Apple currently holds 70 to 80 percent of the South Korean market.

In 2011, Apple was able to sell a million units of the tablet since it was launched in November 2010. An estimated 700,000 units were sold in 2011, and 300,000 is expected to have been shipped in a span of two and a half months. Furthermore, Wi-Fi models are preferred by South Korean users, as compared to 3G, because of its low price and availability.

Apple, however, has not confirmed these numbers. Nonetheless, it is likely to be true, given that Android tablets, such as those by LG and Samsung, had not gained a very strong following in South Korea, as in other parts of the world, as compared to Apple.

In contrast to these statistics, Samsung has not released the number of Galaxy Tab 10.1 or other subsequent Android tablet models sold in South Korea. No data is also available for the LG’s G-Slate Optimus Pad, although in the US, this tablet is not performing well, either.

Time will tell if the launch of the iPad 3 will maintain or even increase the hold that Apple has on the South Korean market.

via netbooknews

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Written by: Björn A.