Apple iPad Sold 13.5M Units Last December, According to Wall Street

Apple, a formidable giant in the field of manufacturing electronics, is currently setting new standards for the industry.

According to Wall Street experts in a recent publication, the company was able to sell 13.5 million units of the iPad tablet computer in the last quarter of the year 2011. Unaffiliated analysts even inflate the number to at least 14.8, believing in the company of the late Steve Jobs to become an even stronger leader in the gadget industry.

These numbers are even greater than their previous records. In September 2011, Apple sold 11.2 million units of such products. Nonetheless, these statistics continue to impress even market analysts, who seem to be enjoying the numbers game themselves as they churn out predictions.

William Power from Baird, for instance, was right on spot as he predicted that Apple would sell 14 million units in December. Power is named the top analyst for said period. Before him, Nicolae Micalache of Traderhood predicted that the company would sell about 16.4 million tablet PCs during the first quarter of 2011. Given these numbers, Apple gained at least a 90% increase in sales, a feat that they are able to do annually.

The question is: will the company be able to maintain these sales even after the influx of Android and Windows-based tablets?

via tablet-news

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Written by: Björn A.