Apple MacBook Air Mini leaked – Apple’s own netbook?

Apple MacBook Air Mini?
Whether this is another fake Apple netbook or not, we still can’t say. But it sure is one of the best looking renders we’ve ever seen. This photos was leaked in a Russian magazine and is tentatively called the “Apple MacBook Air Mini,” apparently for taking some design cues from the uber-thin MacBook Air. As you can see, it even lacks (or fails to show) its built-in ports on the side. This could very well be the 10-inch Apple netbook many folks out there have been waiting for.

Apple hasn’t yet offered any official confirmation regarding this leak, but the source said we should expect this MBA Mini to come out in spring for about $899 a piece. The specs are as follows:

• 10.4″ WXGA display.
• 1280 x 768 pixel with LED backlighting.
• Intel Atom Z740 1.83GHz with 1MB L2 cache.
• 2GB DDR3-800.
• NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
• 64GB Solid State Drive.
• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
• 1 x USB 2.0
• 1 x Mini Display Port
• Battery Li-Ion 5100mA

The battery is fairly high-capacity, and the specs look reasonable. Also, the design is as close to an Apple as it can get, in this writer’s opinion. The only contention is that the Enter key on the keyboard looks funny. But then again, so do the rest of the keys — because it’s a Russian keyboard.

In time, we might see this “Apple netbook” officially come to life, with matching PR from Apple to boot. But until then, this will only be a dream. Yep, tough look for fanboys, alright.

Via 9to5mac

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Written by: Björn A.

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  • Urban

    The picture is faulse. Put the picture in paint an drav straight lines on the bottom half of the machine… all the lines must cross in only one point, if not the inventor (apple) want an unsymmetric keyboard for example. If you do this in paint you will see that the lower half of the keyboard dont cross in the point as all the other lines.

    It’s fake!

  • artem

    only 1 usb , my sony vaio laptop from year 2000 has more, and its smaller than a netbook, only heavier
    64 gb of space is not that much these days even mac os takes alot of space like vista
    and apple, please make the battery removeble, cuz people at the airport will be upset when they are forced to take the battery out, same with iphone, i dont care if its half cm bigger i want to swap batteries on a plane.

  • artem

    and one more thing, make it less than 500$ or eles no one will buy it

  • Kristofer Carlsson
  • Malene

    And why would they make a prototype with cyrillic letters?


  • Dianne

    Thoughtful post and well written. Please write more on this if you have time.

  • John

    I guess I agree with you but maybe if you explained it just a little more I could learn more. Thanks in advance.

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    thanks for this info taken ages to find this.

  • eX

    Great, with the Full Mac OS X inside, video-out port for full-blown presentations from NATIVE Keynote and PowerPoint files, and as light (400 g or less) and small (pocketable; see OQO and Sony Vaio P Series) as possible. We need thousands for our University.

  • Free Gadget

    I like this, think I need to set up my own blog sometime.

  • Free Gadget

    Ta for the information, very usefull

  • Used Macbook

    Can’t wait for this to be launched! Looks awsome

  • apple mac Laptop Battery

    i dont care if its half cm bigger i want to swap batteries on a plane.

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  • Update News

    and one more thing, make it less than 450$ or eles no one will buy it

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  • Meshmesh1990

    love it

  • remove antivirus 8 virus

    This notebook is reall thin and beautiful!

  • Angadbharti83

    hi godd bye