Apple May Release 7-Inch iPad in 2012

While Amazon announced yesterday on how Kindles are doing in the market every week, there are rumors from supply chain sources that Apple may launch a 7.85-inch iPad before the fourth quarter of 2012.This is in addition to the scheduled release of the latest iPad at the end of the first quarter.

Since the Kindle Fire has been Amazon’s best-selling device since it was introduced a few months ago, it is not far from possible that Apple would have to come up with something that would top Kindle Fire. One evidence of this possibility is that Apple was reportedly buying 7.85 inch panels form LG and AU Optronics.

With the increasing competition in the market with Samsung, plus the high  consumer expectations, Apple is doing a lot of brainstorming on its next tablet. The new iPad is expected to have features, such as a Retina display, quad-core processor and even Siri integration.

via DigiTimes

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Written by: Björn A.