Apple Stops Boosting Its New iPad with 4G Advertisement

In a new advertisement found on Apple’s German website for the iPad, the company has stopped boasting of the device’s 4G LTE. The development came after reports that 4G frequencies outside the United States and Canada don’t work on the tablet. Hence, the tablet is not essentially 4G-ready in these areas. This caused Apple to revise the advertisement, placing a network symbol in the area instead where “4G” used to be found.

Apple’s immediate action on the 4G issue may have been prompted by no less than a recent lawsuit filed against the company. In the United States, an owner of the Apple iPhone 4S filed a case against the company, alleging that Siri, the electronic personal assistant on the device, doesn’t do all the tasks that it had been advertised to perform. The case is currently pending before a federal court in the state of California.

Meanwhile, Apple is focusing its efforts in highlighting the iPad’s Retina Display as the key selling point for the device. Touted as having four times the number of pixels than what was found on the iPad 2, the Retina Display radically improves the appearance of images and text on the tablet’s screen. A common complaint, however, which Apple might have to address soon, is that many apps still don’t support such a high level of clarity and sharpness.

via netbooknews

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