Apple’s iPad: Latest Model for an iPhone Prototype

iPhone Prototype

It has been quite a trending innovation that Apple fined its way of letting the world know that it has something new to offer to the industry by leaks. Well, at least for the past years to count that has been, say, the “style”. Following such, another Apple prototype has been leaked recently;  this time an iPhone developer prototype that resembles the iPad more than the Apple handset.

Feature and specification wise, this rumored device will be equipped with an Ethernet and serial ports. It has been a guess for some that it belong to an older time. Said leaked prototype comes from 2005. Moreover, it was acquired by Ars Technica from an unspecified former Apple employee. The prototype iPhone does not look like the usual iPhone, aside from the fact it integrates a rectangular screen. It is actually a deal with a model that is measuring 5 inch x 7-inch which is closer to the iPad Mini; that is, at about 5.3 inch by 7.87 inch.

Additionally, the device is two inches thick, which is approximately the profundity of 6 iPad Minis mounded. But that was mandatory in order to comprise all the ports that the iPhone prototype incorporated. Purposely, the rumored device would be simple to labor with internally. The chip in the prototype is the Samsung made ARM devise used on the primary iPhone and all of these series is in line with what Steve Jobs had in his speech in 2010.


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Written by: Björn A.