Archos 10 netbook now available

Those of you anticipating the release of the 10-inch Archos 10 netbook will be glad to hear that it is now finally available for purchase, ahead of schedule, at that. It was originally projected to be released in April, but Archos’s official web site already lists it as available now, for a starting price of $399. And what exactly will you get with the $399 that you’re going to shell out for it? Well, typical netbook fare, really, including a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, up to 1GB of RAM, ample-sized keyboard and touchpad, plus Windows XP for an OS. Let’s see, why to get this one? To rebel against the market leaders Acer and Asus, I guess.

Archos via Engadget

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  • NeverAgainAcer

    Acer always spend big money on market promotion after bandaid whatever latest industry buzzwords, rush out the factory with ZERO testing, slap on no service support. This company market philosophy is quick money bad products, your lost. So before everyone suck onto illusion. Ask their return policy and RMA support first, guarantee you will need that. Good luck. As for Asus, bit better than Acer, love their early day on mainboard design, but cheapy product getting out quicker, still at least Asus willing to spend time on design and manufacturing, instead of market promotion as Acer.

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  • Keep_koi

    Would certainly be nice if there were even a small attempt to provide online support for the Arthos 10. Been looking for the Windows XP HE drivers for the netbook, but have not run across them yet.