Asus Adds an “E” and a “G” to the Eee PC 1000

Having fun yet with the plethora of new netbooks announced during the CES 2009? Still staring at the convertible Eee PC? Well, here’s a few more new Eee PC models announced by Asus at the CES.

First up we have the Eee PC 1000HE and Eee PC 1000HAE. Both netbooks belongs to the Eee PC 1000H series, and both sport chicklet-style keyboard. This keyboard also has the right shift key placed on the left-side of the up arrow. The netbooks also has reduced bezels providing more surface area among keys.

What makes these two Eee PC 1000′s stand out is the fact that they will have 6-cell batteries with each cell of the battery having 2.6 2.9 amps as compared to the usual 2.9 2.6 amps. What this means is that their battery can last up to a few good more hours, which according to Asus is around 8.7 hours. So, that’s extended battery life for you which probably explains the additional “E” on the branding.

As for the difference between these two netbooks, the 1000HAE won’t have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features.

In addition to these two netbooks, Asus also displayed the Eee PC 1003HG Go which obviously is bragging about its 3G feature. Aside from that, the Eee PC 1003HG Go is pretty much your old Eee PC 1000H variant.

Lots of Eee PC to watch of for in the coming months or so right? Interesting times ahead for the netbook industry indeed.

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  • BriAnn

    The battery specs are backwards. The HE will have 2.9 amp cells rather than 2.6. Also, the spec sheet DOES include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?! If “Wi-Fi” weren’t present, I would guess that would mean ‘n’, but would have ‘b/g’. A netbook with NO Wi-Fi?!?!