Asus Adds HSUPA (3.75G) Capability to the Eee PC

Asus just announced that the Eee PC models will soon have 3.75G (HSUPA) connectivity. Starting off with the Eee PC 901, the 3.75G will enable high-speed Internet access anytime, anywhere. This practically means that users can now have access to the Internet even if there are no Wi-Fi hotspots since, connection will be enabled through mobile broadband network.

Mobile broadband network can give as much as 7.2 Mbps downlink and 2 Mbps uplink speeds. And users don’t have to worry about draining their battery life as well, since the Eee PC 901 is capable of providing 7.5 hours of good use. But of course, this will still depend on the users location, if HSUPA is already available.

The Eee PC 901 with 3.75G will be available sometime in October – onwards and will have the following specs:

  • Windows XP OS
  • 8.9-inch display
  • Intel ATOM CPU
  • WLAN, Bluetooth
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB SSD
  • 20GB Free online storage
  • 6 cell battery
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Written by: Björn A.

  • FWJ

    Anyone who knows of the Linux version would be available with 3G ?

  • Jash Sayani

    Will EeePC 1000H also have a 3G version ?

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  • Conguito

    People, some 901go dont have bluetooth ;(

    Is Network choise opcional

  • Marl

    I’m buying one of these babies this month

  • Marl

    Can’t wait to get mine on the 31st from Singtel

  • Steven

    i received one from Orange uk and it does not have Bluetooth module. though very nice still

    Orange say it should have Bluetooth Asus cannot tell me if the EEE PC 901 supplied to Orange has Bluetooth or not.

    Orange are replacing it as faulty if the next one does not have bluetooth i will have to get a micro dongle.

  • Hindarta

    Does Singtel sell the 901 Go alone without contract ? Is the HSDPA unlock ? Thank you.