Asus and Pegatron undergoing third reorganization

Taiwan-based netbook maker Asus and one of its subsidiaries, Pegatron, are currently undergoing their third business structure reorganization according to a report by DigiTimes citing sources from notebook makers. I would imagine that a reorg would be quite stressful especially since Asus is busy with so many things these days, so I wouldn’t find it surprising if this third one would cause Asus R&D technicians and project managers to resign or transfer to work for Pegatron, as being noted by the same DigiTimes report. How this reorg will affect operations in both companies, as well as what type of new products we might expect from “the new teams” still remains to be seen. However, it is likely that operations will still carry on as normal as if nothing had happened. But you never know…

Via DigiTimes

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