Asus Confirms Eee Pad Launch During Computex in July

Still remember Asustek’s plan for a tablet PC? In case you forgot already Asustek has been meaning to launch its own e-book reader but has to shelve it since according to them, the e-reader market is still uncertain.

But sometime ago, when talks begin about the Apple iPad, Asustek to change its e-book reader plan into a tablet PC instead, in the likes of the iPad. Hence, the Eee Pad was conceptualized. But since the iPad was not launch then, Asustek decide to halt its Eee Pad. Now, that the iPad has become pretty successful in terms of sales, Asustek has just announced that its Eee Pad is finally pushing through.

The exact launch date – Computex 2010 happening on June 1-5. A month after the said launch, Asus will be ready to make the Eee Pad available to the market, that means by July, Apple’s iPad will finally have a worthy opponent.

Now for some tentative details about the Eee Pad. It will be a Tegra-based tablet PC running the Android OS. And because of that, the Eee Pad will have features that the iPad don’t have right now – Flash support USB and integrated webcam.

Price point? A surprisingly, not-Asus-like price of around $479-$510.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • S Jnr

    Reports suggest that the real rival to the iPad is the Toshiba Protege M750, which has all the features of both machines and more importantly has an actual keyboard as well as the touch features.

    Personally I think it's fills the gap between notepad and smart-phone a lot better than the Eee Pad.

    Well, that's according to this article: