Asus Eee PC Netbooks Comes Pre-Installed with Kindle for PC App

Here’s Amazon’s effort to thwart iPad’s growing success as an ebook reader thanks to iBooks app. Amazon and Asus have agreed on a partnership that will have most Eee PCs available from Amazon pre-loaded with the Kindle for PC app.

These Eee PCs include – 1005PE-MU27-BK, 1005PE-MU27-BU, 1005PE-MU27-WT, 1005PE-MU26-PI. These Eee PCs will support Whispersync technology that would allow you to save and synchronize customer’s notes, highlights, bookmarks, and last page reads across Kindle, Kindle DX, PC, and MAc.

And here are the benefits of having Kindle for PC on your netbooks:

· Purchase, download, and read more than 540,000 books, including 96 of 110 New York Times Bestsellers, plus tens of thousands of the most popular classics for free directly from their ASUS device. Bestsellers such as “Backlash” by Aaron Allston, “Big Girl” by Danielle Steel, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot and “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown, and hundreds of thousands of other popular books are $9.99 or less in the Kindle Store

· Browse by genre or author, and take advantage of all the features that they enjoy in the Kindle Store, including customer reviews, personalized recommendations and editorial reviews
· Read the beginning of books for free before they decide to buy
· Access their Kindle books even if they don’t have Kindle with them
· Synchronize last page read between their Kindle, Kindle DX, PC, Mac, and other devices*
· Create new highlights, notes and bookmarks, and manage those created on their Kindle
· Choose from three different color modes: read in white, sepia, or black color modes and adjust the brightness of the display from within the application
· Choose from more than 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line
· Read books using full-screen mode of their PC

via Engadget

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Written by: Björn A.


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