ASUS outs ultrathin Zenbook Intel Core i5-2467M dual-core inside (impressions hands-on!)

ASUS UX21E-DH521 ultrathin Zenbook It’s for sure not very Zen, although kudos to us we’ve pried hands-on the 11.6-inch UX21E-DH521 Zenbook to see closely what makes it tick. It’s machined from a piece of aluminum, with up and down brushed outline on the base and palmrest and to some extent darker circular blueprint on the lid. And it even gets exciting; Asus has tossed in a booby trap: it has the power button included in the usual keyboard, at the top right angle where you’d expect your fingers to find the equally Delete key. When you press Delete key, you’ll be prompted with a menu requesting whether you want the PC to shut down, hibernate, sleep, or do nothing at all.

Zenbook’s innards are all firmly packed together inside the oh-so-lean casing, with the UX21′s slender-line cooler casing Intel Core i5-2467M dual-core possessors. On the left side you’ll find mini-VGA including USB 2.0 ports and a microphone /headphone jack. The right side is home to USB 3.0 ports and micro-HDMI. Asus also did offer a dongle adapter for the VGA to supply USB to Ethernet (about 100Mbps, and not Gigabit) for users who would want to link to wired office LANs. As expected, 802.11n Wi-Fi is built in; you just need to make a wireless connection for surfing the Web and downloading software.

Performance Tests

Source: Pcmag



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