Asus predicts that Windows based Eec PC will outsell Linux Version

Asus issued a statement predicting that its soon to be released Windows XP powered Eee PC will break the sales record of its Linux counterpart. Asus plans to release two XP versions of the Eee PC with varying price tag.

The Eee PC surf with 4GB of flash storage and 512 MB RAM is priced at $408 while the other one is the Eee PC 4G XP with 4GB SD card that comes with a built-in 3-megapixel camera which is priced at $473.

While the Linux powered Eee PC sells for only $261, I don’t think Windows users would mind shelling out additional money to finally get their hands on the Eee PC with the Windows OS. The Eee PC is still a desktop machine, and what is a desktop without Windows OS?

Via [ZDnet]

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  • Postman

    This is not a prediction but it is already a fact. They have selling lots of PC with the XP OS included in the system. This is has been a marketing strategy by most PC sellers on our country, if not the world. It isn’t common to see any Linux user around the world anymore. I have never seen one myself, I ever know about Linux until my professor has told me about it.

  • cirereyes

    I think XP is a better choice for now. Vista still is very unstable, until they figured out the problems with Vista; I think manufacturers and users would still go back to XP. For Linux I would say it’s still better than Vista.

  • Rene

    sorry but linux is taking over and I have not heard of anyone that have not yet have trouble with windows, it is to slow you pay so much for it, it can not handle the speed of the pc. You can do so much more with linux, it will be a watse of money if the Asus eec pc comes out with windows

  • john

    i think in this world regular people are much more than “computer expert” people, that’s why people keep using windows than linux even linux is much more stable.

  • David

    This is why I hate microsoft, sorry I mean microsuck. They want to put their name on everything. Asus was doing well with the linux version. All that matters is the dollar. Asus will make more money and of course microsuck will add millions to the pile of billions microsuck has.

    With microsuck, you just can’t win….

  • Rob Enderle

    In Taiwan, they say that Linux is for housewives and XP is for geeks. I presume it means that the housewives find it easy to use.

    >and what is a desktop without Windows OS?

    You mean with no virus, malware, trojans and other nasties and all the AVG updating, adware, spysweeper and precautions you have to take?

    Of course, THAT is a big part of the computer experience.

    Who wants piece and mind and security?

  • jJ

    Of course they’ll sell less Linux versions! They’re not even selling the 1000 in Oz! TBH, I’d prefer SSD over HD every day of the week on one of these things; it actually doesn’t matter what OS comes on it, I’m only going to wipe it and put the same distro on it as all of my other machines…

  • Antonio Napoli

    To criticize Linux, it means that you have never used any Linux distribution.
    Linux is easy, faster, give you the opportunity to do with the PC whatever you want, and much more…
    With Windows, you will do what Gates wants you do…

    your sincerely

  • Lance Forshey

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