How do you further develop a very popular piece of hardware into something better? Release its Software Development Kit to allow third party applications developer create more useful applications for you machine. That’s exactly what Asustek Taiwan decided to do when it releases the Asus Eee PC’s SDK to the public.

The Eee SDK contains the

  • Open Circulation Edition of the Xandros Desktop OS,
  • the Eclipse development environment,
  • Qt4 toolkit, developer’s guide,
  • sample applications and
  • multi-lingual VMware testing and debugging environment.

By releasing the Eee PC’s software development kit, Asus is letting third party developers to come up with their own application made specifically for the Asus’ hardware capacity. Although, hacking the Eee is nothing new to some Asia programmers and code hackers, the availability of the SDK would further enhance their activities and possibly leading to the development of a killer Asus Eee PC applications.

You may download the SDK at the Asustek site.


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