Asus Shows Off Zenbook Prime UX21A Ultrabook

Who can ever think that as early as now, the ASUS Zenbook Prime is already outdated? Yes, indeed! This means another unit is in the line to shock everyone for the latest and coming release. Among their known high end ultrabooks and tablets, the next one might just be their first and highest technology made gadget.

Rumors are spreading that they will be showing off a touch-enabled version of their 11-inch UX21A that has already been tested out. Well, it seems not shocking to people who are living with high technology but to most, it is. It is also something to pair up with the coming Windows 8 from Microsoft now labelled as this year’s star of Computex.

It is the touch screen particularly that makes the Zenbook Prime Ultrabook stand out from the rest because other than that, the hardware are almost the same with the previous Asus models. The industrial design is still the same along with the backlit keyboard, Asus users get used with.

But of course Asus would not leave the opportunity to put some add-ons. At the top of it, what you’ll expect will be the best display from an IPS quality with 1080p resolution. So, would you consider this an opportunity?

via engadget

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Written by: Björn A.