Asus to Offer Windows 7 Upgrade on Eee PCs

Asus Taiwan has officially announced that it will be participating in the Windows 7 Upgrade program. This means if you’re buying a new Eee PC or Eee Top PC during the specified elegibility period, you will have the option to easily upgrade the Windows XP installation of said Asus products to Windows 7.

According to Asus, once the Windows 7 Upgrade Program is rolled out, buyers of qualified models from the Eee PC family will be assured of Windows upgrade feature for free, that is if you’re from the U.S. While for the rest of us who will opt to buy new Eee PCs will get to enjoy only discounted shipping and and handling fee for the Windows 7 upgrade.

So, if you’re planning to get  a new Eee PC whether nettop or netbook, you might want to wait until around October 22, 2009 when the Windows 7 is scheduled to be launched. Unlesss of course you don’t mind paying extra for the upgrade of its OS from XP to Windows 7 later on.

Via Softpedia

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Tom Buchanan

    That’s pretty weak. I just bought a 1000HE (that I love), and made the decision not to wait based on the steadfast assertions of Asus that they would not be participating in the Windows 7 upgrade program. Oh well. If I still really, really, really want Windows 7 in October I guess I’ll consider buying it. I just wish the company had been hedging a bit in their prior communications so it wouldn’t have been a surprise.

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  • nova-t

    So far NONE of the Eee PC models are listed as eligible, part from the
    Top and Box models.

  • James Shelby

    Asus backed out of the free upgrade for the 1005HA series.