ASUS to Release 7- and 10-inch MeMO Pads in the US?

Rumor has it that tow new tablets are under road of preparation from the ASUS in line with its MeMo Pad brand. The FCC website revealed this news regarding the two new slates from ASUS just recently. Along with this, the Wireless Goodness Notes was also unleashed to be in two models: one in a 7-inch screen and the other in a 10-inch display.

A possibility of the revival of the ASUS’ MeMo Brand introducing a low cost Android tablets as alternatives to its higher-priced Transformer Pad tablets is being pictured by analyst and reviewees.

The original MeMO tablet was supposed to be consigned with a capacitive touchscreen stylus and a Bluetooth handset that you could use to take phone calls or record voice notes on the tablet. It’s not clear if the new tablets will have either of those features.

As reported, Asus is already preparing a $99 tablet for South Africa which has a WonderMedia WM8950 processor and a  7-inch, 1024 x 600 pixel displays. As they put it, it might be the 7-inch tablet which reached the FCC currently. Moreover, as per FCC listings, there is no news if the 10 inch tablet has Bluetooth, WiFi, and a camera. However, the 7-inch has been reported to appear to possess no camera.

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Written by: Björn A.