Asus to Release More Accessories for the Eee PC?

As if the barrage of Eee PC models were not enough, Asus may soon be launching another set of products made specifically for its Eee PC product line. Although these are nothing but rumors yet in lieu of an official announcement from Asus, they are definitely worth a second look nonetheless.

So, we might be looking at future accessories of the Eee PC products which include the following: a hard drive, optical drive and a 3G card.

If the expanding storage capacities of the new Eee PC models are not enough for your needs, this new Eee Hard Drive may suit your needs. It looks like your typical Western Digital My Passport products. It might come in package with low storage capacity Eee PCs.

The next product which is an optical drive seems rather unnecessary unless of course if Asus got some other plans for it.  The last product – the 3G card may seem to be the most useful ones especially since it’s a much sought after feature for an ultraportable PC such as the Eee PC. This would make the Eee PCs more and more like mobile phone devices now.

Via [Eee PC News]

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Written by: Björn A.