If  Acer is still keen on maintaining its 8.9 Aspire One netbooks despite the availability of its 10-inch brother, Asus for its part is all set to say goodbye to their 8.9-inch Eee PCs.

None other than Benson Lin of Asustek Asia Pacific Division said that since the 10-inch netbooks are now the standard in the market today it is but the right time to start phasing out their 8.9-inch Eee PCs.

Asus is alloting 95% of their 2009 netbook shipments for the 10-inch Eee PC models, while the remaining 5% will be allocated to the 7-inch models.

Is this a right market strategy? Do consumers really prefer the 10-inch Eee PCs than the 8.9-inch models?


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8 Responses to “Asus to Say Goodbye to 8.9-inch Eee PCs”
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  3. I liked the design of the 900 and the functionality of the 901. It’s a sad day when we say goodbye to the 9xx series. Another couple of years and Asus will probably phase out the 1000 series in favour of a 1200 series…

  4. Are we moving away from the whole idea of the original Eee PC? A cheap, portable device, with a robust Linux operating system, for accessing the web when out and about.

  5. Steven Cohen says:

    I couldcare less about screen size, I care about case size. So, the largest screen in the smallest case is the 900 series. If they can put a 10 inch screen in the same case-okay, great. If the case has to be bigger to accomodate the screen-not so great. Bad.

  6. love my 900HA. wouldn’t trade it for any 10″ netbook. :D

  7. We wanted these for portability. ( 900ha ) not like the bigger cement blocks we were lugging around. Fact they had win xp was a plus as MS screwing new customers to put on vista. ASUS 900 rocks, we one two of them. Why go backwards? Bigger again?
    come on I am planning to get the touch screen mod for both of them. Guess even asus is loosing their vision for the Eee pc We jumped for these things, and if the time comes to upgrade and they are bigger again we will look elsewhere

  8. [...] on 10 inch models, Asus chairman Jonny Shih has confirmed at CeBIT, that Asus won’t be phasing out 8.9 inch screen netbooks yet. They will however be phasing out the 7 inch netbooks. Shih says this is because many consumers [...]

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