Asus Transformer Prime Gets A Bit Transformation

If you own an Asus Eee Transformer Prime and you haven’t updated it yet, then, now is the time to do since Asus has just released a firmware update to keep the tablet in good running condition. A few months ago, Asus started giving hints that new features will be available soon for the Transformer Prime and users must watch out for it.

The firmware update fixed some bug issues and made the tablet perform better. Aside from these, the update also installs new features such as system bar lock, lock screen notifications and a music update for @Vibe.

The system bar lock when set by the user works by locking your screen; hence, you will no longer hit an icon by accident and then bring you to another app. Lock screen notifications allow you to see your notifs, obviously, even though your screen is locked. The update on its service @Vibe will give you a better interface and according to them, more access to music than before.

Other added features include the USB Ethernet, ad hoc support for ICS, crop and scale modes for the HDMI interface and the update on the Google apps icons.

via ubergizmo

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Written by: Björn A.