Asus Will Not Ship Recovery Disc with Eee PC Anymore

Finally, Asus came to their senses and decided to stop manufacturing and shipping those “useless” recovery DVD that come with every package of the  Eee PC. The reason why I said this is useless is because Eee PC doesn’t really come with a DVD Drive, so you can only use it if you have a external DVD drive.

Come to think of it, how many Eee PC users actually purchase a DVD drive for use with their Eee PCs? Or better yet, how many users have actually used the Eee PC Recovery DVD to restore their netbooks?

But of course, there might come a time when you’d probably need that DVD to restore your netbook settings. Well, the good news is you can actually do so without using the DVD. All you have to do is press the F9 key and you’re good to go.

So, the next time you purchase an Eee PC, don’t fret out if you can’t find the recovery DVD anymore. Asus finally realized that the environment is being endangered everytime they manufacte those DVDs.

Via Netbooked

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Man in the Middle

    Tell me how well that F9 trick works out for you the next time your hard drive dies and has to be replaced. I, for one, have actually used the recovery DVD packed with my Eee PC. Here’s hoping the ISO image will still be downloadable if and when needed.

  • Brant Flummer

    [...] Asus Will Not Ship Recovery Disc with Eee PC Anymore | Eee PC – Blog – [...]

  • Happy Owner

    Sure, it's wonderful. My hard drive was replaced and now they want $30 to get the disk. I'm real happy.

  • joe

    ive tried the f9 key and my computer wont display the recovery mode its driving me crazy

  • Sénor Fox

    Okay so now that you are happy that there is no recovery disk, what do the rest of us do that lose a hard drive totally. I guess go spend more money with Asus and have it mailed. Let me tell you, it is a real hassle to get the disk from them. To the point where I will just load my own op system.

  • Mary

    This is not a good thing.  My hard drive crashed in less than a year, with very little use, and now that Best Buy has replaced my hard drive (under warrenty) they need the RECOVERY DISC to get the opperating system back on. But guess what, it didn’t come with one AND Asus will not ship me one.  They want me to send it to them to have it put back on and wont even tell me what it will cost me! This was a huge mistake to purchase.

  • george

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot! Without recovery files you’re screwed!!

  • Frank421

    @George : Oui, en effet, celui qui a écrit ces lignes est un crétin prétentieux, moi j’ai toujours eu un lecteur de DVD externe, c’est  indispensable avec cette machine,

  • Mmband54

     Yes, dual-boot Ubuntu, have GRUB screw up the Windows install, reboot, press F9, and then you get a “partition not found” message.  Yeah, not having a recovery DVD is wonderful for a) a hard drive failure; b) a corrupted partition; or c) any number of other situations in which you might not be able to access the ‘hidden partition’.  I paid for a Windows license.  I want a Windows DVD.

  • No

    You’re an idiot.  Another dumbass who doesn’t know the first thing about repairing computers but knows enough to post a moronic blog. They aren’t useless.  They are great if your hard drive goes bad which is one of the most common issues with netbooks because they are so small that people tend to be less careful with them and the hard drives get damaged.