Barnes and Noble Prepares Third-Gen Nook Reader to Foil e-Book Rivals

Barnes & Noble gave away plans for a third-generation Nook e-reader. Scant details were given, but it would ship sometime in the spring. The bookseller’s recently established pattern suggests it’s an E Ink reader like the Nook Simple Touch instead of an Android tablet.

The plans came from publishers being eager to keep Barnes & Noble alive to avoid putting too much power in the hands of Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Apple. For Barnes & Noble, the Nook lineup has seen it become a technology company as much as a bookseller and now accounts for about 27 percent of e-books.

For now, stores have prominent Nook sections, while the company now has about 300 people working on its devices. The Nook Color and Nook Tablet, though not as large as the Amazon Kindle Fire, have contributed a small amount to Apple losing iPad share, even if they don’t directly compete.

Right now, Amazon is still the leader in e-books, with over 60 percent share, while Apple is small but growing. Although full data isn’t available, Apple is believed to have the edge in digital magazines through its app support as well as more powerful hardware.

via electronista

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Written by: Björn A.