Battery Upgrade for Acer Aspire One Tested


After the HP Mini 1000 battery upgrade, here comes a good news about a third-party battery upgrade for the Acer Aspire One D150. A user who purchased the 7500mAH third-party battery kit from Amazon is more than satisfied with the improved battery life of his Acer Aspire One.

His observations include 6 hours max when watching DVD and 9 hours battery life when doing chat, web browsing, music and working with MS Office.

If you don’t mind sacrificing the aesthetics of your Acer Aspire One over some good hours of extra use, then you might want to purchase this battery pack.


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  • david

    Some say they got 2 hours from there acer one. I have never gotten even an hour from mine with no peripherals. What has been the average life seen by users?

  • Randall

    I get about 3 hours sitting around websurfing. If you’re not getting at least 2 hours, you need to adjust your settings, particularly screen brightness.