Battle of the Netbook Promo Video – Nokia 3G vs Vaio X

Was watching Sony VAIO X’s promo video which was posted in YouTube. All I can say is that this video really does the trick – that is of presenting an elegant netbook which Sony is marketing as an ultra thin machine.  The video was done with taste. Even the background music was nicely choosen.

Then I remembered Nokia’s launch video for its 3G Booklet netbook.  Nokia’s take is more on the functionality and features of the netbook. The video was done well, focusing on the great features of the Nokia 3G Booklet.

Here are the two videos were talking about:

So after watching these two promotional videos, which would you rather get – the Nokia 3G Booklet or the Sony VAIO X? I would go for the Nokia 3G Booklet of course, because after watching the video, I’ve learned that has more goodies than the Sony Vaio X.

How about you? Which of the two videos convinced you to consider buying?

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Written by: Björn A.

  • Milen

    Neither, as the Nokia will be grossly overpriced, while the Sony will be outrageously overpriced.

  • Blackwo

    I would buy the eee pc 1005ha :) because it is cheap and purty… but I do like those videos

  • delar

    It’s obvious from the technological point of view that the one from Sony is vastly superior, though. It’s stunning really. The Nokia one doesn’t quite offer anything genuinely new or edgy, in fact it’s a pretty ordinary piece of technology, and I assume Sony spent much more resource on X than Nokia did on the 3G.

    And consequently, the Vaio will be much more expensive than the Nokia, which will also be expensive to begin with. I’m not a cheapskate, though. Will probably get both as a good geek.

  • Jim

    Obviously the Sony! But the upcoming Eee 1008HA with matte screen would be second.

  • emlak

    I advise you to buy Eee PC 1005ha my skin

  • Netbook News

    I thinnk Sony is bringing his expriences on design to fore and Nokia is trying to do more featured netbook. For instance, 12 hours battery usage i think the most prominent part of it.

  • emlak

    yes trying to do the best nokia

  • Coupon

    Sony all the way!

  • kalambul

    How can you compare eee to Vaio, Nokia or any other netbook that gives a lot more than just performance. There’s plenty of software fitted to nokia products. Sony has also developed quite good softwares delivered with their comps. What about the style? If you want a small netbook like eee, compare Vaio P series. I have Vaio TX at the moment and look forward to choose a new one between Vaio P or Nokia booklet.

  • Daniel

    Definitely the Nokia. Reasons? 1st: I could buy 2 for the price of 1 and maybe still save some coins. 2nd: Integration with Ovi services, especially Maps. 3rd: Battery life – this is simply a killer. I admit Sony was more thoughtful in refining the outside looks, but Nokia did a nice job too.

  • promotional items

    Wow, it's my first time seeing a Nokia Laptop, I bet they really invested on this one. I have to say based on their promotional ads it's looking great, they have a great experience in making 3g Phones. They will succeed with this one.


  • corporate gift

    that's good stuff, should try this one, I love vaio