Best Buy Offers the Limited Edition Deane Cheuk Dell Mini Inspiron


What is it with netbook manufacturers designing their netbooks with floral accents and other abstract designs? I kinda miss the old, classic black look of netbooks and even laptops for that matter.

Aside from the green-nature-inspired Lenovo S10-2 which can pick up from Amazon, you might also want to check out the Deanne Cheuk-inspired Dell Mini netbook featuring a kaleidoscope design.

And guess what, this netbook apparently has around 5250 units available for resale and each of the units are individually numbered. That means you can pretty much be sure that not two Dell Mini of this type will be the same. That adds some novelty to the netbook being a limited edition, I guess.

Anyway, specs and feature wise it’s practically the same Dell Mini netbook that was released not so long ago. You can pick this up from Best Buy for $379.99.

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Written by: Björn A.