BlackBerry 16GB PlayBook is Off

A shocking leak came out regarding the discontinuation of 16GB BlackBerry Playbook. It came from a forum posted by an N4BB member under the name of chm985. Because it laid dormant for a few days and weeks, people tend to forget it and left on the back burner until the RIM itself gave out the email.

So what particularly is the reason behind the cancellation of 16GB BlackBerry Playbook? What mostly people can think of is the profit they hardly make on ever single 16GB BlackBerry Playbook sold. It can be backed up with the price cuts made by RIM on 16GB BlackBerry Playbook to create a relative and even production. Others also think of the 16GB memory which might not be big enough to support their tech needs or the mere fact of not be able to compete with other brands.

But what about the option of owning 16GB BlackBerry Playbook for the others? It may not be enough to readily compete with the others but there are people who can go with it especially those who are already used with the brand and prefer nothing else. So, will the floor be finally left to the 32GB and 64GB Blackberry Playbook variations?

via Android Police

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Written by: Björn A.