BlackBerry PlayBook Reaches Over 1 Million Customers

Couple of months ago, BlackBerry’s PlayBook is likely to face same doom as the HP TouchPad for a bit. But now, it seems that it hasn’t lost its spice and even earns larger market sales these days.

This called success, however, might due to the upgrades made on the PlayBook OS this year together with the price decrease. Hence, RIM’s PlayBook can now actually be an alternative device for the reigning 7-inch slates in the mobile market today.

In fact, the PlayBook owns 15 percent of Canada’s market share at present and RIM has announced that this tablet has reached a million costumers. Big thanks to the PlayBook OS 2.0 and its $200 price tag.

However, in such a case, RIM isn’t exempted with the usual dilemmas of a typical company; since a revenue drop of 20 percent from the last quarter has experienced which resulted to some uncontrolled loses.

The company however, just hopes that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS this year might be its weapon in reaching more significant future tablet sales.

via the verge

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Written by: Björn A.