Bloggers Beware – Smartbook is also Patented

Do you still remember the Psion vs Intel issue regarding the use of the term “netbook?” From what I remembered, the two companies seemed to have reached an agreement and so here we still freely using the word “netbook”.

Now, look who is following the path taken by Psion, a company called Smartbook who is claiming to have the trademark to the word – Smartbook. And so, Smartbook AG have sent emails to some well known sites who are using the term smartbook to promote machines being developed by other companies such as Qualcomm, Freescale and Arm.

According to the letter sent to Sascha of, his blog is harming the reputation of Smartbook AG by using the term “Smartbook.”

Upon checking out the site, there are actually two laptops with the branding Smartbook – Smartbook Hell and Smartbook Heaven.  These two machines are no way similar to smartbooks that we tech bloggers refer to and used to know.

Anyway, hopefully this issue gets settled fast and that no one gets hurt in the end. Smartbooks are just in their infancy and have not yet reached the same popularity achieved by netbooks for these machine to merit some conversial issues.

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Written by: Björn A.

  • regan

    patent != trademark != copyright

    You are the tech press. Crack a book.

    Crack Wikipedia at least.