B&N NOOK Tablet Gets 1.4.2 Software Update

A software update for the cheaper version of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet has been released merely a day after the launch of the tablet.

The update, which is version 1.4.2 of the OS, gives the NOOK several improvements as regards the system as well as an update to the email application.

If the user is updating from 1.4.0 or 1.4.1 OS, users could have loss of root access, although this is expected of most software updates.

There are already tools for installing updating the update courtesy of DeanGibson of the Xda-developers forum. However, these steps are a bit complicated and might require the wiping of data and going back to 1.4.0 before the update may be installed.

In the meantime, some complaints have been aired online that users are unable to install custom recovery apps or other software via a microSD card on the 8 GB NOOK tablet. There is also some difficulty in rooting the 16 GB NOOK.

Users must remember that some adjustment is needed for the files to work on the 16 GB tablet as the 16 GB model and the 8 GB model have slight differences with the hardware specifications.

Users, however, who don’t wish to re-root every time there is a new software update may install CyanogenMod7, which could give less hassle than re-rooting.

via liliputing

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