B&N’s Nook e-Reader Gets A Second Generation

Well, here’s another addition to the e-reader wars. Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader was a pretty interesting device – considering that it went up against Amazon’s Kindle and still has its market share, that’s a pretty good recommendation for its useability.

This means that with the Kindle’s recent upgrade, the Nook is getting one, too. The second generation Nook is now a color LCD with the same 7-inch size. This jumped the price by a hundred bucks – but you’ll be getting some extra functionality for that cool hundred. Powered by the latest Android OS, the Nook can now do web browsing, games, apps as well as music. Third party apps can also be installed – which kind of makes the Nook a mini-tablet. It starts shipping November 19, but pre-orders are now allowed.

Source: Gadgetmix

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Written by: Björn A.