Canonical Says Bye-Bye to Kubuntu

Canonical is axing off the Kubuntu variation of Ubuntu Linux from its financial aiding. Kubuntu is virtually Ubuntu with a custom version of the KDE desktop environment replacing the Unity user interface.


Kubuntu 11.10

The move to Unity has been received with controversy. It’s a pretty dramatic change from the traditional interfaces. In the early versions of Ubuntu, the operating system used GNOME as its default desktop manager. Kubuntu was offered as an alternative for the users who prefer the look, feel and apps that come with KDE.

Kubuntu isn’t necessarily going away after Canonical virtually got rid of it. It will be now community supported, like Xubuntu, Lubuntu and Edubuntu, the three other popular variations of Ubuntu.

In other words, it’s just the funding from Canonical that the Kubuntu will lose not its entire life.

You could always build your own version of Kubuntu by installing Ubuntu and then using the package manager to install KDE.

KDE has come a long way in the past years and its developer, Jonathan Riddel, whose work on Kubuntu will no longer be funded by Canonical, mentioned that Kubuntu is no popular enough to justify continued investment.

Kubuntu 12.04 is due to be out in April and will be the last Kubuntu fully funded by Canonical.

Source: Liliputing


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Written by: Björn A.